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  • Cheryl  Meating, StylistCheryl Meating - Stylist

    Cheryl Meating brings over 22 years of experience to the Tanglz Team. Providing excellence in... (read more)

  • Joann Becker, StylistJoann Becker - Stylist

    Joann has been with Tanglz since 2000, serving her guests with precision cuts, perms, color, and... (read more)

  •  Kristina Mann, Stylist Kristina Mann - Stylist

    Kristina began exploring her creativity and self-expression at a very young age. She developed a... (read more)

  • Dyan Kickland, StylistDyan Kickland - Stylist

    Dyan Kickland is an experienced and highly skilled hair designer. As an independent stylist she has... (read more)

  • Julie Payne-Kobal, StylistJulie Payne-Kobal - Stylist

    Julie has always enjoyed making people look and feel their best. While growing up she created many... (read more)

  • Lisa Stearns, Stylist/Nail TechnicianLisa Stearns - Stylist/Nail Technician

    Lisa Stearns is a salon professional with over 20 years of artistic design experience. Not only a... (read more)

  • Sheila  Holmstrom, StylistSheila Holmstrom - Stylist

    Sheila Holmstrom has had the pleasure to take Guests of the salon on a complete makeover! From hair... (read more)

  • Heather Ironside, StylistHeather Ironside - Stylist

    Heather Ironside has over 25 years of experience in hair design.  She was educated at The... (read more)

  • Kerry  Hackbarth, StylistKerry Hackbarth - Stylist

    With Kerry's energetic personality, you’re in for a rejuvenating experience!  Her... (read more)

  • Liz Eagan, StylistLiz Eagan - Stylist

    Liz Egan loves to meet new people. She has great listening skills that allow her to make people... (read more)

  • Teresa  Kuhn, StylistTeresa Kuhn - Stylist

    Teresa has been inspired by art since childhood.  While in school Teresa had the opportunity... (read more)

  • Allison  Gross, StylistAllison Gross - Stylist

    Allison is a Stylist at our salon.

  • Peggy  Schreiber, StylistPeggy Schreiber - Stylist

    Peggy has been with Tanglz Salon since 2006. She specializes in hair cutting, coloring,... (read more)

  • Patty  Kirk, StylistPatty Kirk - Stylist

    Patty has been in the beauty industry for over twenty years. She has been self-employed for almost... (read more)

  • Patty  Kolasinski, StylistPatty Kolasinski - Stylist

    Patty has been in the hair industry since 1995.  She is charismatic, friendly, outgoing,... (read more)

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