We are who you are and we have what you need!

7 reasons you will LOVE Tanglz Salon!

1. The service: Tanglz Salon brings many years of salon industry experience to you. With a full spectrum of services we can accommodate anyone--from the busy professional to the working parent, retiree, or child. Our experience provides us with the ability to work with each individual needs.

2. The front desk staff: Talk about service, this front desk team will have you all taken care of. They will help you with scheduling appointments as well as answer any questions you have about services and products. With 20+ service providers to accommodate this team has it together!

3. The Brand New Look: That right, we have a new look! Freshly redesigned and colorful for a feeling of now. It is important to us that we have an updated environment for our guests and to keep things interesting.

4. The options: With a group of seasoned professionals like the ones at Tanglz we have you covered. These service providers all work independently for you. The may all be in the same place but each of them have something special to offer.

5. The one stop shop: There are a multitude of services here at Tanglz Salon. From hair to massage and nails to skin, it’s all under one roof. Make a day of it or come visit us often.
6. The location: Tanglz is in an easy location to get to with plenty of parking. A couple blocks off Highway 441 makes a quick destination and an easy return.

7. The Hours of Operation:  Even though the salon has set hours, many service providers add additional hours to accommodate their guests. It’s a way of sometimes meeting individual schedules that don’t always match up with the traditional work hours.

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Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm | Friday 9am-4pm | Saturday 9am-1pm | After hours appointments are available by request.